The Sri Lanka High Commission in Kenya held an interfaith memorial service for the victims of the Easter Sunday attacks on 21st April 2019 in several parts of Sri Lanka at the Sri Lanka House with the participation of the community in Nairobi.

High Commissioner Sunil de Silva emphasized the importance to keep calm and not to allow disruptive elements to achieve their target by creating suspicion and disunity among communities. He stated that the memorial service was to remember each and everyone affected by the senseless violence carried out by a group of terrorists.

The Buddhist religious services were presided by Rev. Yatiravana Wimala and Rev.Sobitha Thero from the Sri Lanka Buddhist Temple in Nairobi, Catholic religious services were carried out by Father Eric Lacandula, Hindu Memorial Services were performed by Saju Nambudari and Sai Kumar and Muslim Religious services conducted by Sheikh Zakaria Abeid Awadhan. Sister Nimali and Sister Canista from Consolata Church also took part in the services. All religious leaders blessed those who passed away and prayed for their families and friends bereaving their loss.

The memorial service was attended by all communities.

Sri Lanka High Commission